Who are Gobsmakt?

Gobsmakt are a punk rock band formed in the end of 1996 in Wellington, New Zealand.

Signed to Step 1 Music in the UK in 1997, their only album release ‘You Wot’ achieved positive feedback from both the international and local punk community. Their music incorporates old school punk attitude with elements of ska.

The line-up orignally consisted of three members: Brent Jenkins (drums), Craig “Frosty” Frost (vocals and bass), and Daniel “Guv” Cavanagh (guitar).

During their time they had bought in other people for the line up, including Maggoo (vocals) and Tris (rythym guitar)

After a break, Gobsmakt reformed for a short period in 2003/4 , and due to unavoidable circumstances, they seperated once again shortly after.

Then in 2007, Frosty and Guv got back together as Gobsmakt and started jamming again. 2009 sees the return of drummer Brent Jenkins to the fold.

2009 is set to be a good year for fans to see these guys again as there are a few gigs in the pipeline, partnering up with some of their idols, including UK Subs, Sham 69 and The Business.

Watch this space and keep an eye out for these guys, hoping to hit a stage near you soon…



Upcoming gigs...


Watch this space for new gigs happening 2009 








Wanting to contact Gobsmakt?

Email enquiries to:

gobsmakt2009@yahoo.co.nz or gobsmakt@windowslive.com or gobsmakt@live.com or gobsmakt@hotmail.com

You can also check out our MySpace page at URL myspace.com/gobsmakt



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